FingerTec Access Control

Fingertec R3 Time Attendance & Door Access System in Australia

FingerTec® R3 redefines security by empowering people’s biological traits to enhancing security in their daily lives. Biometrics technology proves real identity and by incorporating fingerprint technology and card system, FingerTec® R2 provides its users with absolute comfort and convenience every time.

Fingerprint Access

FingerTec® R3 and R2c are the latest complete fingerprint door access and time attendance systems. FingerTec® R3, embedded with 8M-Flash memory, works as a master reader keeping all information and transactions of users intact in the reader and FingerTec® R2c works as a slave reader to read fingerprint. Data from the master readers are accessible through the powerful FingerTec software, TCMS V2. With combination of FingerTec® R3 and R2c, both entrances and exits are controlled by secured biometrics keys.

Fingertec FaceID 4 Door Access System in Australia

Advancement of technology has made biometrics technologies commercially viable and affordable. FingerTec is taking a step forward in biometrics business by introducing the latest face recognition technology product to the worldwide market with FingerTec Face ID 4d.

facial access

This product of the future can identify an identity in split seconds without any contact or hassle. The FingerTec Face ID 4d only requires user to look at the machine to get verify; it is as simple as it gets.

FingerTec Face ID 4d is loaded with powerful microprocessor that can process dual biometrics authentication methods, fingerprint and face, for accurate personal identifications and for collection of precise data for time attendance and door access purposes. In addition, FingerTec Face ID 4d also accepts card verification for an added security measure.

Data communication is made possible through USB flash disk port and the common protocol TCP/IP, and data from the FingerTec Face ID 4d is processed by Ingress software, the powerful software compatible with all FingerTec products.

Multi-Verification Methods
You have multiple of verification options with the Face ID 4d. Verify yourself using face, card, or even by password.

Multiple Communication Methods
Sync the Face ID 4d with a PC using one of the many available connections: TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, USB flash disk or 26-bit Wiegand input-output.

Time Zone Settings
The Face ID 4d now has an additional feature of 50 Time Zones for you to control and organize authorized access at your workplace.

Manage Your Data Easily
Administration is easy with the bundled software! FingerTec’s Ingress software allows you to generate reports, monitor attendance, and integrate FingerTec with a third party system.

Combine Your Verification Methods
Opt for the combination of verification methods to get an added confirmation of identity. A Face + RFID / Password verification leaves almost no room for security breaches!

Contactless Identification
With the Face ID 4d, all you need is one look, and you’re ready to go. Facial recognition makes it easy for your to verify yourself without having to free your hands.

Increased Face Template Capacity
The Face ID 4d can now hold a total of 400 face templates!

FingerTec Keylock 8800 – A Smart Fingerprint Keylocks in Australia

FingerTec Keylock 8800 is a breakthrough in mechanical door lock designs featuring superior attributes absent in other brands available in the market. The Keylock 8800 offers a fingerprint verification method, password and card system, an all in one machine for a very convenient operation process.

fingerprint lock

Enrollment and management of users are made easy by an LCD screen and a simple set of buttons. There are 3 levels of users available to manage the system effectively. An administrator or a supervisor can perform addition, deletion and amendment of user(s) easily at the machine itself. Unlike other mechanical doorlocks, which cannot extract any data stored in the lock, the Keylock 8800 is designed to allow data transmission via USB.

As an added security feature, the Keylock 8800 comes with double latches; the top is a dual direction latch and the bottom is a stainless steel bar latch, operable only from the inside.

For a more secured and stylish door lock, choose the smart Keylock 8800.

Advantages of Biometric Access Control System Models in Australia

Complete solution for both Time Attendance and Access Control

  • Stylish and robust design
  • Easy installation (wall mounted design, flexible support stand, direct to door lock system, or with AdapTec AC)
  • Various verification methods – facial, fingerprints, passwords and RFID/ HID/ MIFARE cards
  • Large users capacity and transaction storage
  • Integrated useful time attendance features – work codes, receipts printing, extended users ID, short message display
  • Integrated useful access control features – anti-passback, door sensor, alarm output, tamper switch, duress option, master-slave concept.