TimeTec Cloud

TimeTec Process

Data Collecting, Viewing & Scheduling

TimeTec Cloud automates your process of time data collection and seamlessly integrates with FingerTec Biometrics identification terminals to eliminate ?buddy-punching? and to collect time data.

  • Automates the process of data collection, eliminates mistakes, reduces time spent processing timesheets & payroll data, and eliminates intentional errors & dishonesty in the system such as ?buddy-punching?
  • Provides accessibility for employees to access data such as accumulated hours to reassure them their data is captured correctly
  • Offers real-time data monitoring features
  • Collects data from remote terminals connected via LAN, WiFi, GPRS, Internet or WAN
  • Obtains transactions logs and user information using PUSH technology and automatically centralizes it into MySQL orMsSQL
  • Intelligently identifies the users? clocking nature, be it clock-in /out, lunch-in/out, tea break-in/out, OT and etc. without the need for users to key in any codes into the terminals
  • Supports up to 999 FingerTec terminals in one centralized system
  • Smart phone application TimeTec Cloud Mobile is available for iPhone and Android phones for mobile clocking and data viewing

Time And Attendance Processing

TimeTec Cloud is flexible, easy to use, and is able to handle complex time attendance rules in most organizations.

  • Auto synchronizes the time between the terminals and the server for reliable clocking data
  • Total working hours calculation of preset hourly rate as well as monthly salary as a reference for minimum wage ordinance
  • Allows simple to complex clocking schedules, multiple shift, rotational shift and overnight shift settings of up to 1000 types
  • User configurable table format for attendance and raw data export
  • Multi-office time attendance management, simultaneous data editing in different branches, for example, duty roster setting by branch, time zone setting, and so on
  • Provides cloud based interface for branch management, HR, admin, and other staff to access the system without having to install several local systems
  • Web-based Holiday Management simplifies staff?s leave application system

System And Data Management

  • Offers easy and automatic daily full system data backup and simplified full system recovery
  • User selectable ODBC compatible database is used to meet the enterprise level requirements, e.g. MySQL
  • Supports different levels of user privilege setting

Reporting And Editing

Employees? attendance data is valuable for companies, as the data can be used to generate relevant reports to help manage your business.

  • Provides real-time data for managers to have access to the information required before making an informed decision
  • Report layout is configurable and customizable
  • Provides 26 pre-configured combinations of details, summary, listing and analysis reports of users, terminal and attendance data
  • Multiple filters to ease report generation
  • Reports can be generated in pdf, xls, doc, rtf

Interface With Third Party System

  • TimeTec Cloud has an open architecture, enabling it to provide maximum flexibility for integrating time and attendance information with your existing system
  • Manual data export: The structure of the export data table is customizable according to different fields, field length and column sequence to simplify data processing for third party use