MYOB EXO Time Clock- Biometric Time Clock

Keeping an accurate track of employees’ time has always been a challenge for businesses. For years employers have used manual punch cards as a way of keeping track of attendance. These days however, there’s an easier and more accurate solution.

MYOB EXO Time clock

MYOB EXO Time and Attendance software system provides a range of time-capturing applications and devices to help with the management of even the most complex payroll. It helps maintain an accurate scheduling system, automatically calculating hours worked, relevant loadings, allowances, and more. This data can be shared with a compatible Payroll software for payroll processing, job costing, cost centre analysis and compliance requirements.

MYOB EXO Time and Attendance software helps you keep on top of absenteeism and tardiness by automatically calculating your employees’ hours and presenting you with an accurate picture of who’s working in your business.

The use of electronic time capture devices eliminates time theft and increases efficiency and accuracy in your operation, eliminating manual keying and duplicate data entry.

MYOB EXO Time clock from FingerTec utilises various methods for employee clocking including Biometric (finger print) scan, Facial Recognition, Proximity card and basic keypad entry. Implementing a time clock device will immediately improve your time capturing processes, which in turn enhances your payroll process.

  • Works in all environments, from offices to factories
  • Handles different roles, shifts and tolerances
  • Eliminates ‘time theft’ by confirming user identity using fingerprint or facial recognition
  • Reduces payroll administration through automated processes
  • Multiple time clocks can be operated from one sftwareoperation
  • Industry standard communications TCP, USD, WiFi or GPRS
  • Can generate 26 reports suitable for management
  • Includes standard 24 months warranty