FingerTec TCMS

What is FingerTec TCMSv3 Software?

TCMSv3 stands for ?Time Control Management System?. Developed by FingerTec Worldwide, TCMSv3 is a time and attendance windows application that comes bundled with the purchase of every FingerTec time and attendance system.

This light-weight, user-friendly application controls the FingerTec time clock devices, manages data between time clocks and software, synchronizes users/time/data, performs time sheet calculations and has a range of comprehensive reporting and exporting features.

How does FingerTec TCMSv3 work?

TCMSv3 can be installed on a single PC or windows server. The time clock devices can be added to the software, and data can be transferred from each device over a local network, over the internet or using a USB flash drive. The software then stores all the employee information and raw time logs in it?s database. Once work time calculation rules have been entered and rosters setup, the software can then transform the raw clocking times into fully calculated employee time sheets. TCMSv3 allows a Supervisor to make any adjustments needed, such as a missed clocking time or employee leave, to complete the employee time sheet. At this point you are then ready to run your time sheet reports to enter into your payroll software, export any data to Excel for reporting, or post the calculated attendance data into a specific payroll file export.

Why choose FingerTec?s TCMSv3 to manage your time and attendance?

TCMSv3 is a simple time and attendance piece of software, with powerful calculation and reporting features. With life-time free software updates you can be assured of enhancing your software for years to come with new features and time saving short-cuts. You can automate your time and attendance, and move your manual hand-written time sheets into the digital era. Reduce the manual labour and potential for data entry errors and streamline your time sheet to payroll process. All this makes FingerTec?s TCMSv3 time and attendance software the easy choice for managing your employees.

FingerTec?s time and attendance windows software that is included with every FingerTec timeclock. With powerful work rules to calculate payroll hours correctly, TCMSv2 can automate your time sheet process. Once the data has been calculated you can easily view, print, save or email reports directly from the software. Or you can export those work hours ready to import to popular payroll packages. FingerTec also offer lifetime free updates to their TCMSv2 software.

Fully automate your time sheet to payroll process with FingerTec?s integration with popular payroll software packages:

Manage your employee?s details easily:

Control up to 1,000 time clock devices from a single software installation:

Create up to 1,000 employee work rosters, made up of up to 1,000 daily work rules:

Easily view and edit your calculated time sheets:

Setup automatic downloading of times from time clock to software:

FingerTec makes backing up or restoring your database easy:

Choose from the range of pre-defined time and attendance reports to print, view, pdf or email: Or customize your data export to an .xls or .txt format:

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