Biometric Time Clocks For Business Owners

Business Owners in Australia want Employee Time Clocks For Efficient Payroll Management

It has never been possible for a boss or for a member from senior management to reach office early and take a strict measure against late comers. It is also not possible for them to appoint someone, who is unfailingly punctual and registers in and out time of each and every staff member. There has neither been any machine, device or equipment for registering attendance of the staff members that cannot be fooled and has its own limitations. However, when it comes to using latest employee fingerprint time clocks, it serves the purpose to the hilt and has almost no loopholes.

biometric time clock

These clocks can be placed at crucial entrance points and each and every worker or employee needs to register his or her attendance. Similar to this device, normal card punch machine was used for decades. But, to access it, employees required a card to swipe and thus they started using the cards interchangeably. Though, such type of fraud was severely penalized, but it kept the management at its toes.

The technology used before the punch machine was that of using time cards. These cards were not the best time clock system, but were tamperproof. However, if the clock went slow, it reflected wrong time in the attendance chart of the employee. And therefore this system soon lost its popularity to the much better time clocks systems.

FingerTec FaceID2The latest equipment that is used for managing the employee in and out time is also connected to a central unit. This is a computerized device and you do not require manual checking of each and every punch made during the day. The device is intelligent enough to manage the total number of transactions. These machines comprehend the total transactions and prepare the final pay sheet that includes the list of employee along with the number of hours they have worked during a month or during a given period of time.

If in the earlier system, an employee forgets to punch his time card when resuming work after a break then his attendance after the break can never be marked, unless there is a way to feed in manual entry. However, in modern time clocks systems, you cannot enter the work place without punching in and thus no such problem arises. And thus adds another reason that makes these employee time clocks best device for efficient payroll management.

BioAccSys Australia offers its quality services as one of the most prominent time system integrators in Australia. It also offers a product line that includes time clocks and employee time clocks using the latest biometric technology ie fingerprint and facial recognition.