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BioAccSys Australia together with BioAccSys/FingerTec is the market leader around the world in computerised time clock systems, offering integrated Time Management and Access Control Solutions far greater than old bundy clock systems.

Business Owners in Australia can save time and money with biometric time clocks as a time and attendance solution. Australia Time clocks has the best deals on biometric technology time clocks as well as other access control systems.

See how BioAccSys Australia biometric time and attendance system can save your organization in Australia time & money. Learn more about our innovative biometric attendance system

Time Attendance Models can gather and process information about employees’ attendance using facial recognition, fingerprints, passwords and various cards such as RFID, Mifare & HID.

The main benefit of the Time Attendance models is the prevention of buddy-punching among employees and recording their attendance with ease and accuracy without the need to manually keying in data.

All our systems have the following benefits

• Employees sign on/off for work using Fingerprint or RFID Proximity Card

• Colour Screen to make using the time clock easy.

• Complete with Windows TCMSv2 time recording software.

• Print, Email or Export your customized timesheet reports.

• Integrate with your MYOB Payroll package.

• 24 months Manufacturers Warranty

• Free Web, Email and IM support

• Optional 12 months local Phone, Email and Remote support available.

Looking For a Fingerprint Employee Time Attendance System in Australia

Are your manual time sheets getting out of hand? Tired of spending hours adding up your time sheets? Do your employees bundy clock on/off for each other?

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