FingerTec TA700W Australia

FingerTec TA700W is Coming Your Way in Australia!

Something white, slim, sleek and smart is cooking! This May FingerTec has introduce in Australia its latest time and attendance fingerprint reader with LiveID scanner and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Greener This compact fingerprint reader boasts the new and improved LiveID scanner that reads live fingers instead of the image of a fingerprint, reducing a chance of a possible deceit to zero. And the Wifi connectivity in TA700W pushes time and attendance data instantaneously on cloud to TimeTec TA that saves time and provides data accessibility in real time, all the time.

The introduction of TA700W to the market is to facilitate the incorporation of biometrics clocking option into TimeTec TA through Wifi. TimeTec TA is the time attendance system of the future whereby every attendance data is collected through various channels, biometrics included and the data is pushed to the cloud server for processing and results. Data is accessible through the software and the mobile application at all times to promote transparency and collaboration. TimeTec TA has more features than the complimentary TCMS V3, amongst other is the coming approval module where changes of work schedule and rosters can be approved instantly through the web as well as the app instantaneously for convenience.

TA700W comes with 1000 fingerprint template capacity, 50,000 transaction logs, and a complimentary TCMS V3.

Fingerprint products are improving by leaps and bounds over the years making it the market’s preferred choice for biometrics technology over the other authentication methods like retina scanning and voice recognition. Factors such as accuracy, reading speed, convenience, and affordability largely contribute to fingerprint system’s popularity. But essentially, every fingerprint terminal must have an effective fingerprint scanner to guarantee smooth operation apart from other useful features.

The latest FingerTec TA700W will be using yet another new and improved optical scanner named Live ID. The Live ID scanner has been designed to produce high verification rate and perform well even when presented with dry, wet and blur fingerprints. Poor quality of fingerprints is usually observed amongst the elderly, people who are exposed to abrasive chemicals and those who worked in wet environments. Live ID also minimizes interference during fingerprint verification, minimizing the false rejection rate to nearly zero. It scans faster than the regular optical scanner, reducing the speed by 1 second and now a user can be verified in a split second, without fail. Live ID has also been integrated with an infrared sensor that activates the scanner when a finger approaches it and last but crucially, this new scanner is able to adopt fingerprint templates enrolled using FingerTec Algorithm VX 10.

Get your latest FingerTec TA700W WiFi Fingerprint time clock by calling 1800 783 782.