Employee Time Sheets – Affordable Time sheets solutions for all Aussie companies

Automate your employees time sheet to payroll process. Stop using manual paper time sheets and switch to electronic time sheets that, once calculated, can be imported to your payroll software.

Employee time sheets

Save hours of labour, $$ of data entry error, and stop employees signing each other on/off by installing a fingerprint time clock system.

We offer the most affordable employee time clock systems in Australia. And we have options available for Aussie businesses with 2 employees right up to several thousand staff across the country.

Let us find the right solution for your business and budget.

Advantages of Biometric Employee Time Sheets
• Require low cost compared to other models
• Come with stylish and contemporary designs
• Easy to install – can be installed on the wall or on the customized flexible stand
• Integrate various verification methods – facial, fingerprints, passwords, RFID/ HID/ MIFARE cards
• Support large number of users and have huge transaction storage capacity
• Include useful time attendance features like siren, work codes, extended user ID and DIY attendance report
• Integrate with various payroll software such as MYOB Payroll, MYOB EXO, Attache, ePayroll, Wage & Easy, Sybiz & Unipay
Biometric time clocks as employee time sheets also protect both employers and employees. Employers are protected by knowing they are only paying for staff’s actual work time. Employees are protected by proof that they were at work at that time. How does this benefit employee’s? There can never be a pay dispute over hours worked as the employee is guaranteed that their hours are fingerprint recorded and electronically stored. Protection works both ways.
Manufactured from leading international suppliers FingerTec , most of our products have 36 months warranty which is more than most of our competitors. Selling and servicing Australia-Wide, we have hundreds of our systems in every state and are saving many Aussie businesses thousands a year off their business time and attendance processes.
Biometric Time Clocks and Biometric Time & Attendance Systems are ‘THE’ new standard to simplify HR and payroll issues. Biometric time clocks are easy to install, simple to manage, and can eliminate labour disputes, automate payroll procedures, eliminate buddy punching, and much more. In fact most biometric time & attendance systems pay for themselves within one month of active use.

Now you can get Employee Time Sheets using biometric time clocks in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide