FingerTec Software

The TCMS V2 is a comprehensive and powerful management tool designed exclusively for FingerTec’s fingerprint, facial, and card system terminals. The TCMS V2 centralizes, stores and manages all the time attendance information extracted from connected FingerTec terminals to create an easily-managed and networked attendance solution, simplifying human resources tasks and thus reducing labour costs of an organisation.

FingerTec TCMS software

The system is built with Microsoft .NET framework and MySQL Relational Database Management System for reliability and flexibility. Users can update and retrieve realtime information from anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection.

FingerTec TimeTec Cloud

FingerTec’s Ingress is an integrated access control management application that runs on the familiar MS Windows operating environment. The software is a complete solution for centralizing, managing, and monitoring door activity in FingerTec access control devices. Bundled together with the Ingressus Controller, Ingress is an advanced, easy to use, and IT-friendly software that provides elaborate access control features such as real-time monitoring, database administration and report management, all in a single unified system.

FingerTec Ingress