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Are you looking for a time clock in Australia so that you can have an effective employee time attendance system.

Fingerprint time clock Australia

Are your manual time sheets getting out of hand? Tired of spending hours adding up your time sheets? Do your employees bundy clock on/off for each other?

Biometric Time Clocks and Biometric Time & Attendance Systems are ?THE? new standard to simplify HR and payroll issues. Biometric time clocks are easy to install, simple to manage, and can eliminate labour disputes, automate payroll procedures, eliminate buddy punching, and much more. In fact most biometric time & attendance systems pay for themselves within one month of active use.

Advantages of Biometric Time Clocks
? Require low cost compared to other models
? Come with stylish and contemporary designs
? Easy to install – can be installed on the wall or on the customized flexible stand
? Integrate various verification methods – facial, fingerprints, passwords, RFID/ HID/ MIFARE cards
? Support large number of users and have huge transaction storage capacity
? Include useful time attendance features like siren, work codes, extended user ID and DIY attendance report
? Integrate with various payroll software such as MYOB Payroll, MYOB EXO, Attache, ePayroll, Wage & Easy, Sybiz & Unipay

You need a system that has the following :-

1 Top Quality Hardware
CE and C-Tick Approved means FingerTec?s hardware has been tested and meets Australian Standards. Proven 1:N verification, basic and advanced time and attendance settings. FingerTec products have proven to be reliable and user-friendly in Australia and across the world for 11 years.

2. Extended Product Warranty
When you purchase a FingerTec system it now comes with 36 months warranty from the purchase date. With most products only offering a 12 or 24 month warranty, FingerTec show the reliability of their products and confidence in their performance with their extended warranty

3. Extensive Technical Support
Free access to FingerTec?s end-user support website. Email, Online Chat and Remote Log-in assistance available through your BioAccSys support team.

FingerTec Technical Support
4. Going Green All-in-one CD

The Going Green CD contains everything you need. With a goal of reducing the carbon footprint associated with multiple CD?s and paper manuals, FingerTec have now compacted their software, video guides, quick start guides, installation guides and manuals into one CD. These manuals can also be printed if required. Also included are some useful external web links to FingerTec?s dedicated end-user support site and warranty registration site
5. Software
All our time attendance products come with a bundled software called the TCMS V3 – a proven software that provides extensive time attendance functionalities and access control products come with Ingress, an advanced door security software. Both software applications generates a various 16 useful reports and seamlessly integrates with FingerTec?s hardware that are being used by thousands around the world.
Fingertec?s time keeping software does provide support and integration capabilities with leading payroll processing systems such as MYOB®, MYOB EXO®, Unipay®, Attache® Wage Easy, Trimicro and ePayroll® along with other prominent payroll processing service providers.
You also have the option of web based software TimeTec Cloud so that you can manage all your time attendance clocks in multiple locations.
FINGERTEC is made available in more than 120 countries, installed in tens of thousands of sites worldwide and being used by millions around the clock.

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